Friday, 11 November 2011

Another day in paradise?

Finally getting to grips, well a little bit, with the haggling- David is really good at it, although I just think he is being stingy, whenever he isn't looking I slip them another 50 rupees!

Stayed away from the beach today as did not want to get too burnt! Went to a famous market in anjuna but after seeing 4 or 5 stalls though they got a bit repetitive! Also after living close to Glastonbury for the past year didn't Like the influx of hippies, for goodness sakes, wearing a G-string in your 60's is never going to be a good look!!!!!!!!
However much I am loving this 'once in a life time' trip I so so so wish the Hubby and kiddlywinks were here to emjoy it with me! But maybe next year?!?
Tried to upload phots but
My brothers iPad, apparently won't let me!!!!!! Grrr! And had some good shots of hippy on beach in G-string as well !!!!!! Never mind!

Off on another hop tomorrow, down to kochi for the night, before we do the automobile part of our trip! Can't wait! But really missing home, just not the cold rainy part!!!!!


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