Sunday, 6 November 2011

We're here!

Finally here! Massive shock to the system, after the first 24 hrs trying to catch up with sleep, trying desperately to get used to the heat! I have never been so hot!
Finding the haggling thing really difficult as well but after having a stern talking to from the husband will try my hardest not to get 'ripped off'!
Walking along the road has become
Pretty scary so have resorted to using tuk tuks, which are hilarious! I have never seen driving like it! the White line down the middle of the road isn't meant to separate the road, not here anyway, it seems to be the guide line that everyone wants to follow and overtaking on a bend not a problem as long as you honk a lot! Crazy!
I am on a photo taking mission tomorrow so hopefully will share some of the sights.

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  1. Conrad (the husband)7 November 2011 at 12:28

    Yeah as if you would ever listen to anything I had to say ;-)