Tuesday, 15 November 2011


As soon as we hit the hotel, jumping in the shower ( and using the loo!!!) was my top priority, washing away the train journey was fabulous and we were ready to go again.
Spotting the glorious sun shunning away made us decided to hit the Taj Mahal asap and kinda get it out if the way!!!
It was all that I expected, big, beautiful and busy! I can now happily tick off a Wonder of the world! I am not really a sight seeing type person and after half an hour I was itching to go.
I found the walk back to the hotel more fascinating the streets were not that busy at all, all the shops sold the same Taj goodies, managed to catch sight of a couple of roof top monkeys, a camel, a really angry looking goat and of course the obligatory cows in the road.
Once back at the hotel, realisation dawned that we had not eaten properly in 2 days! We hit the roof top terrace and ordered beer!!!!!
Unfortunately we had forgotten that unlike Goa where we could enjoy alcohol tax free! The hotel didn't have a license so had to go and fetch the beer from a shop and charge us quadruple for the privilege. Where we were enjoying a pint in Goa for 50p we are now paying £2 grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

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