Friday, 11 November 2011

Elephants and Mendi

Another amazing day! And, Another amazing hotel sadly yet again only for a pit stop!

The elephants this morning were the most awesome thing I have ever seen, nothing can quite prepare you when you are crouched down watching 3 young elephants being washed and as you turn and look up to find out you are in the way of such a huge creature!!!!!
I was mesmerised, took lots of pictures, unfortunately can only upload ones from my phone, but as soon as I am home will post a few of my favourites.

The onward journey from the elephants was long but comfy and interesting, saw so many fabulous sights that you would not normally see, I have lodged them all safely away for future reference!

Finally we reached our destination, Dinesh's house- the groom- his family and extended family and friends were lovely and welcoming, before long I was getting Mendi on my arms, such a lovely feeling as it is made from a leaf that has natural cooling properties.
2 hours later and I could finally rinse the Henna off! I am sure Mendi was invented with the sole aim to be that women are unable to do anything for 2 hours, you can't move your arms at all in case it cracks off!

Had a lovely meal, served on a banana leaf! Think I could get used to eating with my fingers! It's strangely a lot harder than you think, but is a great diet tool as I got full very quickly!

Not looking forward to getting back to normal food, I am already armed with a recipe or 2 and am loving my spicy vegetarian food choices at the moment, will defiantly be on the look out for some good recipe books!


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