Monday, 27 February 2012

Darling Meringues!

Today was going to be a straight forward Meringue kind of day..... Sat down and trawled the internet for the perfect recipe.... just couldn't decide which one I liked best , so scooped up 3 or maybe 4 different recipes and with a bit of tweaking came out with the 'perfect' Meringue Recipe! Well fingers crossed.

It's probably a bit different to the way my Nana would have made them, I combined the egg whites with sugar and gently heated this until the sugar melted then whisked it until cool and fluffy.
Just turned the ovens off and can barely contain myself, I am so impatient! Hopefully they will have cooled down by the time I have got back with the kiddlywinks (at what age will I stop calling them that!?)

.....A few..... hours...... later......

I have barely been able to contain my happiness - they are the most delightful sugary treats I have seen in ages and they taste heavenly! Perfectly crispy on the outside and mouthwateringly gooey on the inside.

Just got to decide how I am going to eat them!

The first one I tried was completely naked - to be honest it doesn't really need anything else - how is it possible that egg white and sugar can taste so luxuriously divine!

Then I had a brain wave...... not at all an excuse to have another one! I thought how much I love Lemon Meringue Pie..... and how much I am always disappointed at the congealed Lemony bit and how I always wish I had more Meringue and less pastry. And I remembered that in my fridge I have a huge bucket of Award winning, locally produced, organic Lemon Curd!!!!!

Sooooo.......... I had one more........

........ And this was the best!


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