Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dessert Table

I have, this week had the absolute pleasure of creating my very first, and long waited for, Dessert Table.

The occasion was to be a Baby Shower and as the Client had no idea if she was expecting a little pink or blue baby I was asked to keep the colours neutral, the invitations had been green and yellow so that was my starting point.

After initially discussing different options for the feature cake the rest was left up to me, perfect!

Bottom Tier Chocolate and Raspberry Cake, Top Tier Carrot Cake.

I had so many ideas for this it was hard to limit them, but I knew I wanted the overall look to be clean and sweet, so have locked away a lot of my thoughts and ideas until another opportunity arrises!

These tables are so popular in the US why is it taking so long to catch on over here!?  

Lemon and Poppy Seed Cupcakes with a lemon Curd Centre and a lemon buttercream .

Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Royal iced design.

Chocolate Brownies.

Meringue Kisses.

Gooey Chocolate Pots topped with a chocolate nest and chocolate egg.

Chocolate Eggs

Tailor Made Take Home Bags

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